The Couple Experience

Exploring your sexuality, experiencing your fantasy, and fulfilling your desire
Trust us to step outside of the normal and just go with the moment and what feels good without worrying about anything else

About Jordyn & Junior

Established in 2011, we offer nontraditional companionship and outstanding service, tailored to fit your fantasy for perfection. Lets be honest, almost anyone in this world has at one time or another fantasized about sharing a naughty hottie with another man. I believe it to be natural instinct primal behavior. Ravaging a woman with another guy. On the other side all woman at one time or another has fantasized about two men worshiping her, their big strong manly hands handling her. That being said, take no shame or second guess when you decide to explore your sexual desires with us. We are always accepting, everyone has there own kink, but you never know if you don’t try it. Let us assure you we are professional, experienced and any time we spend together is discreet, anonymity is a must and we take this very seriously. Regardless if we go to you, or you come to us the mood/environment is always relaxed, fun, and comfortable. You wont regret the time we spend together!