Escorts in London and Paris

When you travel to one of the big cities in Europe, you will want to hire an escort to entertain you during your stay. This is especially the case if you are visiting London or Paris. Your experience will be a lot better if you know an agency or someone who has experience. There are so many escorts from the world over that work in London and Paris. There are various places where you can find them including street hookers,

  • Red light districts and brothels.
  • Red light Districts
  • best place to meet escorts London

The main Red-light district in London is Soho, which is quite small. This Red light district includes the following streets: Walkers court, Greens Court, Tisbury court, Rupert Street, and Peter Street. There are sex shops, brothels, and lap dancing clubs. Once in a while police raid these establishments. The hard part while you are in Soho is finding the right girl. This place is also known as London’s gay village.

In Paris there are two different Red-light areas.

For the higher end prostitutes they are on Pigalle, and for the lower end prostitutes they are on Bois de Boulogne. There are many sex shops on pigalle Red district and it is very famous with tourists. There are many topless and nude shows here, and at night you will find prostitutes all over the streets. There are several tourists who have reported being scammed in the area.

Bois de Boulogne is a vast public park that is located on 16th arrondissement of Paris. There is so much prostitution that goes on in this area. During the day you will find prostitutes roaming the area but at night it gets worse as transgender join the fray.

  • Street hookers

In London most of the street prostitutes are found around Tottenham court Road, but London being a big metropolis there are those that operate from their houses. This ones can be situated anywhere. The prices differ and you can get an oral for between $25-$35. The street walkers in London do not dress like the ordinary prostitute.You can also get some action in the following streets in London:

• Queens Drive, a full service will cost you around $50.
• Shacklewell lane
• Paddington
• Hackney area
• Brixton Hill

For the normal Paris street hooker you will find them on benches along the Northern Paris boulevards. Some of the hookers in Paris have social insurance and even pay taxes. There are a few illegal hookers who do not own a room and therefore intercourse takes place on the streets behind cars. In Paris you will also get action in Belleville and some areas of Champ Elysees.
Below are some of the things you should know before hiring an escort in London or Paris:

• From an agency

You should hire an escort from an agency of repute and which understands the business. There are several advantages you will get out of this. Most of the agencies screen their escorts and only admit the highest quality. The agencies also have budgets and premium varieties.

• Independent escorts

There are also independent escorts. The reason they work alone is because they do not want to split money with the agency. You can find them over the internet as most of them have their own websites.

• Make sure she is above 18 years i.e. Legal age

In London and Paris the escort industry is legal. When you hire an escort most probably you will have sex with her. For this reason you should make sure your escort is 18 years and above. There are a lot of things that take place behind the scenes. Therefore, you should be very careful when you are dealing with an escort. You should gather all the information you can get before you seek escort services.

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