What Happens When I am Hired to Sleep with Women?

I love my job. Well, I grew up wanting to be a nurse, but things got tricky along the way and I decided why not use my body and skills to make a living? So one day after registering on an agency, I was hired as an escort. Now, most times, my clients are males. While I enjoy their company, I’ve always found it thrilling when I walk towards the door, knock on it and a woman opens it smiling sexily.

No, I’m not a lesbian or bisexual. But, I love women. Their company, their excitement, their smartness, smell, and soft skin are some of the things I adore. Now, the experience with men is very different. They’re easily pleased. I simply get naked and do lots of stroking, and that’s it. However, with girls, it’s not that simple.

My female clients have stable careers and money isn’t an issue with them. They’re over 40 years and sometimes the sessions get awkward as I’m a teen busty escort. While some do bring their partners along, most want my services because they’re bored with their husbands or want to try something exciting, or they love fucking women but don’t have the luxury to go around looking for them.

One of my clients, Rose, an entrepreneur told me that she has a call-girl take out time whenever her husband is a way. She says this is the time she checks out London escorts on different sites to find a girl she can go down with. She’s not a lesbian and doesn’t want to be exclusive with anyone. She just enjoys being touched by another woman occasionally.

We always start our dates with a drink and talk about normal things like shopping, men, etc. This is different as I often take control with my male clients. Once we’re in the mood, Rose usually takes my hand, leads me to their bedroom where we do a lot of kissing, foreplay, and oral.

I’m always anxious with women. Often, I question if she liked it, if her moans and wetness are real, whether she enjoyed it, etc. Women are hard to figure out. With men, you can fake it since they won’t know whether you came or not. They simply take your word for it. However, with a female, you can’t as they’re onto you.

Additionally, making a man happy is pretty simple. I only tell them what they want to hear, that is, how crazy, strong, and handsome there are. But, you can’t do this with women. She knows that her tummy is stretched or she has a pimple or dimples. While she may admire my body, the connection goes deeper than that, which makes it scary at times. You have to be real just fluttering your eyelashes isn’t enough since she knows they’re not real.

Also, unlike male clients, female ones only want sex. They don’t want small talk. When they hire you, they want action, as simple as that. They mostly want foreplay, touching, stroking, and massage. But, some may have other special requests. They can orgasm many times, unlike men. Quite often, I get reluctant to leave my female clients. There’s an attachment we build that I sometimes wonder if maybe we could be friends. But, I remind myself that this is work and I have to be professional.

Hiring an Escort for the First Time? Remember These 3 Tips

Is it your first time hiring an escort? Congratulations!

You are on your way to experiencing fun like no other. You will have someone to give you the best company and enjoy a wide range of other services depending on what you agree.

Another great thing about hiring London escorts is that there aren’t any commitments or relationship ties; once you have enjoyed their services, you can go on your way without worrying about them.

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Hiring an Escort for the First Time

Know your needs

What are you looking for in an escort? That is one thing you should establish before you make contact. There are various escorts in Central London, and they offer different services.

While one person may be ready to offer sexual services, another one may not.

Therefore, to avoid frustrations along the way, know what you need and verify you’re getting exactly that. Also, be sure to figure out other specifications such as looks, race, body size, age, and character type. 

Have a budget

When hiring any service, it’s vital to know how much you’re willing to spend, and an escort service isn’t an exception. Central London escorts charge differently and knowing your budget will save you lots of time along the way. How does it save time?

If your budget is £250 per hour, you won’t waste time messaging one whose rate is £400 per hour. While some may offer discounts, others have fixed rates.

Don’t forget to include a tip in your budget because tipping an escort is always considered polite.

Hire from a reputable escort agency

There are lots of escorts out there, which can make the process of choosing the right one overwhelming. However, since it’s your first time, it’s recommended that you hire from an escort agency.

Escort agencies only register high-class escorts who can give you the best fun ever.

Also, hiring from a trustworthy agency reduces your chances of getting ripped off.

If you have been thinking of getting escort services in Central London, then don’t wait any longer. Get these services and have fun. If it’s your first time, these three tips will help you.